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We understand that legal matters can involve significant uncertainty. We can provide clarity, instill confidence, and help minimize uncertainty and risk. We have decades of litigation experience and are advocates for your rights as a business owner, property owner, and, most importantly, our client. We care deeply about helping you achieve the best possible outcome.

Our collective decades of legal experience make us an asset to anyone seeking a business attorney, litigator, or real estate lawyer. Our areas of specialty include:

Real Estate Lawyer

Real Estate Lawyers

Whether you’re entangled in a legal battle over real estate rights and ownership or you’re fighting back against unfair treatment as a property owner, our team is in your corner. We have experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants in real estate litigation and have helped our clients achieve favorable results through litigation, arbitration, mediation, and negotiated settlements.

Legal Services


Facing a breach of contract situation? Need help structuring an airtight contract that puts your mind at ease and limits your risk while maximizing upside opportunity? As experienced business and real estate lawyers, we can help you negotiate, draft and enforce business and real estate contracts.

Real Estate Law Firm

Business Law

We have a passion for representing business owners as they face the complexities of the business world. From innovative entrepreneurs seeking to protect their budding venture to established business owners with regular legal needs, our firm is well-positioned for practicing business law within Arizona and across the country.

Litigation Services

Litigation Services

If you’re facing unfair treatment or you’re being deprived of your rights, we are here to stand up for you. Our legal team is ready to provide your case with the utmost attention. We have a track record of successful litigation outcomes and an ever-growing list of satisfied clients.

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Regardless of the nature of your case, Orangewood Law Group, PLC provides clients with individualized, personal attention and the clear, honest communication you expect from your legal representation. Call our office today at 480-500-9741 to speak with a member of our team.

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