W. Jalbert January 5, 2021

W. Jalbert

"During the refinancing of our home, we found ourselves in need of representation for a lien that came up in my name that I did not know about. Understanding the urgency needed to resolve this and still get my refinance complete, attorney Bert Millett from Orangewood Law Group, immediately started working on my case. He was extremely responsive and attentive. Thanks to his, and the team at Orangewood Law Group, professionalism he was able to resolve my issue quickly and I successfully closed on my refinance. I was removed from the lien that had been placed. I can’t thank them enough for how quickly they were able to get this resolved."
William November 12, 2019

2022-02-22 | 17:48:48

"Great team. Bert is a sage in his area of expertise and Tony is extremely methodical in the courtroom. I highly recommend this team if you need legal services. Tony won my case and the other side was actually rebuked by the judge."
Brandon November 11, 2018

2022-03-03 | 18:43:48

"Bert Millett helped us tremendously with some much needed legal advise. He is very knowledgeable and has your best interest in mind. If we ever need to hire someone he will definitely be our choice!"
Jovi July 27, 2018

2022-02-22 | 17:49:01

"If your looking for a hard working, always on your side, will fight for you everytime, and is always available when you need an answer then Bert Millett is your attorney. I recently bought my first dental practice and I needed counsel to make sure I was clearly informed and educated on my legal rights. Bert was so professional and overall an easy person to work with. He told me the diffrences of the buying options and made every step clear and always thinking of my best interest. There were a couple times Bert had to get tough and protect my rights which made me greatful to have him in my corner. Needless to say the purchase was smooth and he has checked in on me from time to time to make sure I'm doing good. Bert is definetly the guy you want in your corner for any of your corporate dealings or purchases. You just can't go wrong. Thanks Bert!"
Neil June 1, 2018

2022-07-14 | 22:52:27

"I hired Bert Millet after he was strongly recommended by another Rotarian. He has provided counsel and various legal services for both Real Estate and Business. I have always found his counsel to be thoughtful and thorough. I also appreciated how he took the time to ask solid questions before providing advice. Finally, having worked with several other attorneys, I favor his moral compass. Highly Recommend!"
David May 21, 2018

2022-07-14 | 22:52:36

"Mr. Millett took care our legal needs right away and was very kind and helpful."