Jerry April 2, 2021

"Thank you for handling our case. We appreciate all you did for us. Your kindness saved us money and gave us peace of mind. I know you did a lot of extra legwork for us. The matter caused me a great deal of stress. It is hard to put your future in the hands of another. I felt that you were with us all the way. We value you and the work you did for us. We will not hesitate in referring our friends to you."
R. Bradford March 14, 2021

R. Bradford

"Recently I made contact with your firm regarding a court action filed against me. I contacted Bert Millett to discuss the matter. He invited me to his office, and we had a very cordial and informative discussion. I outlined my problem, and its related issues, and asked him for his help. Mr. Millett analyzed the documents and assisted me in developing a strategy to handle the matter. I have been very impressed by his ability to listen, with both skill and compassion. His advice has been excellent, and I trust that it will prove to be of great value in the settling of this bothersome matter. He has since contacted me to follow up and to inquire about the status of the case."
Judy & Bob March 13, 2021

Judy & Bob

"Your dedication and persistence in our real estate matter certainly yielded the best outcome possible. You are the best! We will gladly recommend you."
William February 17, 2021


"Bert Millett with Orangewood Law Group was extremely easy to work with, straightforward and honest. He communicated with us very well in easy to understand language and was very efficient with his time. We discussed the range of costs involved up front, and he was very forthcoming as to what we should expect. Fortunately for us the total costs were lower than estimated and he helped solve some real estate title issues that four other specialists had difficulty with, and had declined to help us. We highly recommend Bert and his law group."
W. Jalbert January 5, 2021

W. Jalbert

"During the refinancing of our home, we found ourselves in need of representation for a lien that came up in my name that I did not know about. Understanding the urgency needed to resolve this and still get my refinance complete, attorney Bert Millett from Orangewood Law Group, immediately started working on my case. He was extremely responsive and attentive. Thanks to his, and the team at Orangewood Law Group, professionalism he was able to resolve my issue quickly and I successfully closed on my refinance. I was removed from the lien that had been placed. I can’t thank them enough for how quickly they were able to get this resolved."
William November 12, 2019

2022-02-22 | 17:48:48

"Great team. Bert is a sage in his area of expertise and Tony is extremely methodical in the courtroom. I highly recommend this team if you need legal services. Tony won my case and the other side was actually rebuked by the judge."