V. Blumen July 2, 2021

V. Blumen

"I am an out of state real estate investor looking for distressed properties in Arizona. I was looking for a good lawyer to help me out on a closing and give me some general advice and counsel. The advice I got was very thorough, quick, and valuable. Bert is very trustworthy and knowledgeable in what he does. I would recommend him to any one and will likely be coming back to Bert for more work."
Kim June 15, 2021

"I recommend Mr. Millett without question. He's knowledgeable in his field of real estate law and generous with his time and information. No question of mine was left unanswered. He has a very professional yet personable nature and I will consult with him without hesitation on any further concerns."
Frank May 23, 2021

"I hired Bert Millett for two separate services. The first service was to draft an asset purchase agreement and consulting services agreement, both of which were completed in a timely manner with accuracy and a thorough understanding of our needs. The second service was to assist in the contract litigation of an unpaid debt, which was also handled professionally and appropriately. I will definitely be referring Mr. Millett to my peers and colleagues should they need an attorney."
Bruce May 6, 2021

"We were very pleased with your services and everything you did for us. You got us thru a very difficult time. We would definitely use your services again and would absolutely recommend your services to anyone in need."
Melissa April 23, 2021


"I’ve had two children naturally, ran 2 marathons and dealt with a crippling illness, but I’ve never felt as weak in my life as I did while dealing with all of this. I don’t think you understand just how much it meant to me that you had my back. I know you were just doing “your job,” but I also know you were doing much more than that for me. No words can express the gratitude I have for you. I’ll be honest Bert, I was so worried and frustrated, but after I spoke with you, I felt like I could breathe, stress dissolved and I knew in your hands things would be ok. From the bottom of my heart, I really, truly and honestly thank you."
Will April 19, 2021

2022-02-22 | 17:48:34

"During the refinancing of our home, we found ourselves in need of representation for a lean that came up in my name that I did not know about. Understanding the urgency needed to resolve this and still get my refinance complete, attorney Bert Millett from Orangewood Law Group, immediately started working on my case. He was extremely responsive and attentive. Thanks to his, and the team at Orangewood Law Group, professionalism he was able to resolve my issue quickly and I successfully closed on my refinance. I was removed from the lean that had been placed. I can’t thank them enough for how quickly they were able to get this resolved."